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Karma Mitchell

Photography, for me, is a means of seeing things more clearly and attempting to communicate what it is that I am seeing. I have always been fascinated with the appearance of the world around me. Even as a child I was always interested in studying how things looked but, I was never quite able to explain what it was that was so fascinating.


Picking up the camera was a revelation for me. When I look through the lens of my camera the world seems to suddenly snap into a kind of even sharper focus. Suddenly, all of the wonder I feel when I really look at a person or an object becomes something that I can capture, reproduce and show to others.


It has been my life long belief that everything has beauty. I don't mean a smarmy kind of "you're a beautiful snowflake" beauty. I mean that if you look at someone or something, really look, past the surface of what you see when you merely glance at or rush on past in the course of your day, you will find a deeply moving beauty. This kind of deep beauty exists in everything and is only waiting to be looked for. This is what I am always searching for and, when I am lucky, I find it, capture it and reproduce it.